Haiti: Two Engineers Kidnapped Inside Their Office

19 November 2020 Dressed in the uniforms of specialized units of the Haitian national police including the Departmental Unit for the maintenance of order (UDMO), heavily armed men kidnapped Monday morning, Arsène Boisrond and Yves Volmar, two engineers, in the very premises of their company, in Delmas 75. According to witnesses whose telephones were confiscated so as not to alert the police, the kidnappers posing as agents of the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ), were more than ten and were on board a Toyota LandCruiser, commonly called here "Zo Reken", blue in color. They forced one of the engineers to drive his own car for easier transportation. The thugs committed their act as the Prime Minister proceeded to install the new Director General a.i. of the Haitian National Police, Léon Charles, in office. Source: Le Nouvellist https://haitirebel.com/f/haiti-two-engineers-kidnapped-inside-their-office

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